Hero of the Day: Carrie Fisher

It was inevitable, I guess.  Not that I’m saying it’s right, ‘cos it most certainly isn’t – but there are a few dead certs we can count on in this day and age.  One of them is this: if a woman appears in a piece of media, people are going to talk about how she looks in it.  And it’s not going to be pleasant.

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Free Fall

Free Fall is the kind of movie you have to be in the right mood for.  It’s desperate, intense, honest and raw.  What I’m mostly referring to, though, is that it’s in German, so unless you’re fluent you’re going to need to be able to sit down and follow along with the subtitles.  No multitasking here!  It’s probably a good thing, though, because the real strength of Free Fall is in its lead actors.  It’s the sort of thing you’d miss if you were flicking between Netflix and Facebook.

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