Hero of the Day: Carrie Fisher

It was inevitable, I guess.  Not that I’m saying it’s right, ‘cos it most certainly isn’t – but there are a few dead certs we can count on in this day and age.  One of them is this: if a woman appears in a piece of media, people are going to talk about how she looks in it.  And it’s not going to be pleasant.

Carrie Fisher gave a cracking performance as Princess Leia in the 70s and 80s, and now we’re lucky enough to have the same character grace our screens again.  Her outing in The Force Awakens is commendable; one of the things I love is how neatly the movie passes the baton from the old trio to the new cast, and Fisher’s portrayal of General Leia is a huge part of that.  Both she and Harrison Ford did a great job in showing how time evolved and shaped these characters.  They aren’t the same people as they were celebrating on Endor, and nor should they be.

Instead, a lot of the discussion seems to be about what she looks like.  And has anybody seen the same questions asked about Harrison Ford?

In any case – yesterday, this appeared on Fisher’s Twitter account.

What a great response that is.  Youth and beauty are not accomplishments.  Can we get it on a t-shirt?  Because the sad truth is that even people defending her appearance are reducing her to something irrelevant.  The truth is that it shouldn’t matter what she looks like; aging ‘well’ or ‘poorly’ not only means something different for everyone, but it is definitely one of the least effective measures of a person’s existence.

But why am I even continuing?  Carrie Fisher said it earlier and best, and that’s why she’s my hero of the day.

Oh – and as a bonus?  Found this on her Twitter feed too.


Image pulled from the Telegraph; credit to Leonard Ortiz.


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